Museum School Community Program (CEIP)

The CEIP develops educational activities related to geology with schools, social groups and the wider community, the headquarters of the Geological Museum of Bahia. The tours are designed for students in elementary, middle and higher technical, public and private schools and special groups who engage in social and / or cultural.


Procedures for Guided Tour:
Request scheduling Educator → Register → Read the Statement of Commitment → Check → → Assessment Visit Tour (71) 3336-3498 or

Travelling Exhibition Program (PEI)

The PEI takes a part of the Collections of the MGB public and private institutions and the cities of Bahia, increasing their access to and disclosure of geology to the whole society. The SIA also participates in trade fairs, exhibitions, cultural and scientific events.


PEI wants to take to your city, or school event?

We are happy to serve you, contact us!

(71) 3336-3498 or

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Here curiosisdades on minerals and how they are present in their day to day.