Meteorites and the Solar System

It covers the training of our relationship with the planet and solar system. It features a replica of the largest meteorite Brazilian, Bendegó, found in 1784 in the interior of Bahia, near the city of Uauá.



Several samples of minerals and their characteristics, such as the crystal system, habit and color variation.



In Room Rocks the visitor can learn about different types of rocks, their origin and the process of lithification.


Mineral Resources

Come see how the geology is present in our daily lives, through mineral resources exploited for manufacturing pens, computers, cosmetics, homes and even airplanes.



An invitation for a ride in time, through the equipment and techniques used by the miners.


Mineral Craft

Exhibition of handicrafts that has as many raw minerals and rocks. Are samples of ornamental sculptures, decorative pieces and jewelry.


Radioactive Minerals – Uranium

The exhibition highlights the uranium and its applications.


Power of Crystals

The science rooms bring the element of nature and its usefulness material. The Hall of Crystals is focused on energy esoteric relationship with humans.



This is the history of oil in Brazil and its history, with special attention to Bahia. It also focuses on the contributions of Ignacio Manuel Bastos, Oscar Lamb and Monteiro Lobato.



The environment exposes the varieties of minerals, precious and semi-precious Bahia, with its forms of stoning.


Otto Billian

Room in honor of Otto Gervasius Billian, a pioneer in the exploration of mineral resources and founder of Bahia Bahia Minerals Company. He devoted himself to the exploration for quartz lens manufacturing, minerals and gemstones such as diamonds and emeralds.



A large lounge and dedicated to Paleontology Laboratory. On display fossils of animals and plants found Bahia and Brazil, various geological periods. Highlight for assembly and reconstitution of the Mastodon skeleton, one of the largest fossil mammals that lived in Bahia.



A veritable showroom with over 80 plates of ornamental and a special environment for architects, interior designers and consultants.


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Here curiosisdades on minerals and how they are present in their day to day.


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