Geotourism Guide Released Santos and São Vicente.
23 de outubro de 2012

With the completion of the 46th Brazilian Congress of Geology / Geology 1st Congress of Portuguese Language Countries, Santos and São Vicente received a guide geoturístico.

Oct. 5 outing with congressmen showed geosites and historical places. Information is present in Geoturístico Guide and History of Santos and São Vicente, which was launched during the 46th CBG. The guide shows the importance of Geosciences for the population, showing the interaction of geology with the environmental history of the island of Sao Vicente.

The publication is an invitation for people to know these places, admiring landscapes, observe carefully the ornamental stone used in buildings and monuments, enjoy mineral collection, with details of the geological characteristics and their relationships with human activities. These actions are part of the Geotourism, which are highlighted two basic concepts: geodiversity: variety of environments, active geological processes and phenomena that originate minerals, rocks, fossils, soils and landscapes, forming the basis of life, and geosite: where some feature geological interest exists and can be visited, explained and appreciated.

The authors of the guide are Virgínio Mantesso, Wilma de Andrade, Angela Frigerio and Andrew Stern. More details, please contact:


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