Design of MGB 40 years

Historical survey over the 36-year history of the Geological Museum of Bahia, from its planning, passing through the first exposure to this day.

Gold Cycle Project in Bahia

The project rescues, contextualizes and disseminates the history and influence of gold in Brazil, through the structuring of the Gold Museum in Jacobina.

Project Geologar

In partnership with the UFBA, AAAB and UFS, the project aims to promote traveling exhibits, supporting and expanding the area of ​​operation of the Travelling Exhibition Program (IEP) and long-term exposure in GBM facing the teaching of earth sciences and astronomy, extending Museum School Community Program (CEIP).

Project Renewal’s Collection of Rocks, Minerals and Fossils

Lifting, tipping and reorganization of the database collection of rocks, minerals and fossils in spreadsheet updated.


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Here curiosisdades on minerals and how they are present in their day to day.

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